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    Here at SOARING LABELS.Com, customer satisfaction is our number one priority. We want to make sure our products are of the highest quality and delivered on time. For all customer service inquiries, submitting a ticket is the fastest and most effective way


    The website is running under "Dongguan Wenxuan Gifts Co.,LTD and Dongguan Soaringlabels Co.,LTD".These terms will govern any orders placed with Soaringlabels.com and its affiliates; therefore we encourage you to read these terms prior to placing your order. By submitting an order to Soaringlabels.com, you (also referred to below as the customer) are hereby agreeing to all the terms and conditions as set forth below. This agreement is in lieu of a written consent, and will be binding by both the customer and/or their representative(s).
    Soaringlabels.com specializes in custom promotional products such as custom woven wristbands,sublimation printing wristbands,woven keychains and embroidered keychains and more. Soaringlabels.com strives to deliver the highest quality as well as exceptional service at the lowest prices in the market. While we are committed to meet your every need and expectation, we wish to inform you of certain limitations that are inherent within the custom promotional products industry.



    Payment is due in full prior to commencement of production. We accept payments in the form of Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Money Orders or checks. Soaringlabels.com will not ship any order prior to payment. We will not accept any other forms of payment other than listed above. PO's can be used only if payment is received prior to production.

    As a part of our Consumer Protection program to ensure the owner of the credit card is indeed aware of the payment transaction being made, orders with unusual and/or mismatching billing related information will be detected by the system as High Risk. These High Risk orders will be placed on the pending list. Production and Shipping timeline will not start to count until the high risk and all other pending issues can be verified, thus your timely cooperation to provide supportive documents is strongly recommended and appreciated.



    We do not ship orders COD; we do not offer credit terms or Net 30 credit accounts. We are not responsible for delays in order processing due to declined credit cards, wait for check or delays in PO faxes. Declined credit cards of any type will remain in pending status until the issue is fixed. We will attempt to contact our customers via email and phone calls but if we receive no reply the order will stay in pending. We are not at fault for any late orders due to credit card issues of any kind.


    Online orders do not receive a confirmation email. The reason is, the customer is responsible for the information that is/was inputted at the point of sale. All online orders stay in an automated system with little or no human interactions, therefore any mistakes will not be seen or corrected. A customer can request an email of the order at any time.


    All promotional codes are temporary and subject to be changed or canceled at anytime. Please note our promotions and any other discount cannot be combined. We can only apply one discount or promotional code per order. Each promotional code can be used only one time per customer. Unless stated otherwise, all promotional codes are subject to a maximum saving of $50 per order.


    Order Subtotal amount does not include Sales Tax. Please note we are required by state law to collect Sales Tax from all customers located in Texas and this is not in our decision to waive this amount under any circumstance, unless the purchase orders are for business purposes and you can provide us a State Tax ID or Tax Exempt Certificate - as it is stated in the state law.


    We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone at any time for any reason. We also reserve the right to not produce phrases on products that we determine to be offensive, vulgar, violent, or in any way disagree with our policies, procedures, morals, and ethics. All orders go into production the following business day of the payment transaction. No faxed/emailed PO's will be referred to by the customers PO number. We will only refer to our order number.


    Proofs and order previews from our website enable you to preview and approve a product to make sure the artwork or design comes out the way how it should be and if the color combination looks good when they're put together, but they will not depict the final product exactly as they are merely computer-generated images. Proofs or order previews from our website are just approximate previews and do not guarantee an exact match. On certain products, the number of times the artwork being repeated on the final products could be different from the digital proofs or order previews as the length or the dimension ratio of the actual products might be different from the digital representation of the products on the proofs or order previews. The actual print location might be slightly adjusted to fit the actual printable area of the products. The actual colors might look a few shades darker or lighter due to the difference in monitor's resolutions and also between the monitor and the actual production color mixture.
    The proofing process is separate from the Production and Shipping timeline estimated by our website. If a proof is requested, Production Time and Shipping Time will not begin until the customer approves the proof and fully pay for the order. This is why requesting a proof usually adds several days to the overall order timeline. If an order is required to be delivered by a specific date, a proof may delay production, thus jeopardizing your chances of receiving the order in a timely manner. We will not be held responsible for any resulting delays on such orders. If you request a proof, please check your e-mail inbox often, as well as your spam folder, so you can promptly review and approve the proof.
    Proofs are not intended to be "decision making tools" for the customer. There will be no option to cancel an order simply because the proof is not meeting your expectations. Please do not place an order merely to obtain a proof, as the order will be binding.
    In certain cases, we will begin the production before a proof is approved. Proofs will only be produced more than once if our Art Department makes a mistake on the previous attempt. Proofs do not override what is on the invoice. The cost of a proof is $20 and is non-refundable even when the order is cancelled or refunded.


    We will not be held responsible for failure of any email communication to you either due to incorrectly spelled email addresses, non-working email address or spam filters that prohibit our emails from reaching you. Check your spam or deleted folders to ensure that these important emails are not blocked due to firewalls or spam filters on your computer.


    When placing an online order, if you press 'SUBMIT' more than once your order might be duplicated. Once you inform us of any such duplicate charges, we will promptly credit the amount back to you if the order has not proceeded to production. By placing an order online the customer is giving Soaringlabels.com the permission to charge the credit card they provide. When a phone order is approved via the automated email system the customer also gives Soaringlabels.com the permission to charge the credit card. By agreeing to this policy the customer can not charge back the amount of the order to avoid payment.


    Any order that is "In Production" cannot be changed. Phone orders can only be changed prior to payment transaction. Online orders can ONLY be changed within 5 minutes of the order being placed but it will be noted but not guaranteed. Changing the order includes correcting a misspelling or message. Changes might be attempted but are not guaranteed under any circumstance after the order is placed.
    NO CHANGES whatsoever will be accepted on Rush Orders.


    All phone orders that have a payment transaction cannot be canceled and the sale is final. Online orders cannot be canceled. Rush orders of any kind cannot be canceled. Once the production starts, no change can be made and the order cannot be canceled by any mean. Under exceptional circumstances, if a cancellation request is approved, the order is subject to a minimum $40 processing fee. The cancellation fee will be decided based on the current stage of the order.
    If there is a cancellation request on your order, please frequently follow up and respond to all updates from our team within the provided time frame. Otherwise, the production on your order might be resumed according to the original approved options to avoid further delay.


    A repeat order (or "re-order") may not bear the exact product color, font size, or ink color as in the "original" order. The artwork size or the engraved level of a re-order may also not match the artwork size or the engraved level of the original order. This is due to each order having a new mold and screen each time and we do not keep molds or screens on hand. Repeat or re-orders also fall under the Color Matching section of the policy. Prices may change between redo.


    When placing an online order, you have the option to attach your own artwork. When placing a phone order, any artwork that you want on your product must be e-mailed to a customer service representative. In the event of missing artwork, we will make several attempts to contact the customer. Therefore, we will not be held responsible for a delayed product production or delivery due to missing artwork.
    We can only use standard alphabetical character. For accent marks, windings, weddings, unicode symbols or languages other than English, your message will need to be submitted as artwork or clip art rather than text or text instructions. We will not redo, refund or cancel any order if this option is utilized.
    When the artwork submitted by a customer is deemed unusable by our art or production departments, we will contact the customer via e-mail and/or telephone to inform them that we need to alter, remove or replace the artwork in order to proceed with production. Please respond to these inquiries as soon as possible. If we do not receive a response within 72 hours, we reserve the right to use our best judgment to alter or remove segments of artwork, or remove entire logos, in order to proceed with production.
    * Customers will assume complete responsibility to obtain permission for reproduction of logos, trademarks and copyrights. By agreeing to print any submitted artwork, neither Soaringlabels.com nor Soaringlabels.com will be held liable under any circumstances.


    All font sizes vary. We use Arial as a default because it is proven to be the easiest to read. We can also use any font on file or provided to us by the customer. In any order that product information is missing we try to contact the customer for verification. In cases we receive no reply after 24 hours we will proceed with our default options. For font type default is Arial Bold, font color will be Black, multi color bands will be Segmented and band size will be Adult.
    NOTE: Some font sizes will be smaller than others; some symbols and special keyboard characters of certain fonts might be inavailable or different from the standard fonts. We are not responsible for the final out come of a small font or different appearance of the special keyboard characters. [How the special keyboard characters appear on the preview is what you will get on your orders.]


    Please understand that we cannot guarantee the artwork will print on the exact same location from piece to piece of the same order. The printing location might be slightly shifted and thus different among the products of the same order. Most of the time, this will not be noticeable due to the small margin mismatch. This is common in the industry and minor visual imperfections should not be considered as defective or flawed items.
    The imprint area or imprint size on the website is the maximum printable area. The artwork could be extended to reach the maximum printable area if specifically requested on the comment section of the order. Without leaving any specific instruction, the design and production teams will print the artwork in an appropriate scale / proportion that would ensure the most optimal printing outcome within the imprint area and it may or may not be extended to the maximum printable area.
    All printable area comes in a closed area of the maximum printable width and maximum printable height for the artwork. The longest edge of the artwork could be fitted within the corresponding edge of the printable area and the whole artwork will then be scaled proportionally to fit within the remaining imprint area. For example, if your text or artwork is 3 Inches Width x 1 Inch Height and the imprint area is 3 Inches x 3 Inches, your text or artwork will be proportionally scaled to fit within the imprint area and printed out as large as 3 Inches Width x 1 Inch Height as it has reached the maximum printable width; increasing the height will cause the artwork to be partially cropped out due to exceeding the maximum printable width.


    We can not provide a custom sample at no charge. If a pre-production sample is needed it will be treated as an order and the final order will be subject to the Color Matching section of the policy.


    Exact PMS color matches are not available. We try to match your color selections as closely as possible using PMS numbers as a reference only. An exact match cannot be guaranteed for some products such as silicone wristbands, lanyards, can coolers, buttons, coasters, and napkins. In-stock colors will also not be an exact match from a past order but we will still do our best to match it. When a difference of color occurs, no grounds for a remake, redo or refund will be given.


    All production timelines reflect business days. Production time does not include any shipping time; therefore shipping time must also be added to production time in order to get an accurate delivery time frame. You have a choice of turnaround timelines in most cases. Your choice should reflect your "in hands" date, and we will do our utmost to stay within the given time frame. Please note that we are not responsible for late receipt of any order due to any unforeseeable circumstances, for example a lengthier proofing time, an out-of-stock product, printing, weather-related issues or delays on behalf of the shipping company.
    Standard Production time – Our Standard Production time is typically 7 business days. Standard Production time is "estimated" and your order will not be considered late if production has exceeded 7 business days. If for any reason, the order was placed during one of our Chinese Holiday Production breaks, Standard Production can be delayed up to an additional 7 business days.
    Rush Production - Rushing an order's production is the only way we guarantee a production time. If an "in hands" date needs to be met this option should be selected.
    When you request a digital proof, the production time will only begin upon approval of the sample or proof. Therefore the timeline may be delayed several days past the original estimate.


    Our products are made and shipped to countries globally. Our preferred shipping carriers are DHL as well as USPS. Please note that sometimes our products are shipped to our customers via UPS, DHL, or even private carrier if the address given cannot be delivered by one of our preferred shippers.
    All shipping is business days. All shipping prices are for continental US and exclude Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico. Shipping to those locations may have added charges.
    Soaringlabels.com will not be held responsible either in the event the customer is not available for delivery or the customer refuses delivery. If a substantially large order requires inside delivery or a residential delivery please specify that information when placing the order. You must have a physical address as FedEx; UPS doesn't ship to P.O. boxes.
    Ground Shipping will take anywhere between 3 to 7 business days when shipped inside the continental US.
    Rush Shipping will guarantee the order is received within the selected time after production is concluded.
    When you place a rush production order but then opt for "normal" or "ground" shipping method, please be advised that the delivery date will only be "estimated" and not guaranteed, as shipping companies do not offer guarantees for ground shipping.
    For International orders, we offer USPS International Priority which gets the order to our international customers in about 15 days from the time the order is placed.
    Important notice for our International Customers – Including Hawaii / Alaska / Canada / Puerto Rico. For orders shipping outside the U.S. - INCLUDING HAWAII / ALASKA / CANADA / PUERTO RICO – local duties and/or taxes may be assessed upon delivery. These fees are not charged by Soaringlabels.com during checkout; therefore please consult your local customs office to determine these charges. We are not responsible for these duties and/or taxes.
    Note that delivery dates outside of the U.S. are essentially "estimates", and in no event will Soaringlabels.com be liable for any consequential damages arising from delays in delivery. All international shipping orders that did not pay for the international shipping will go into production and will be held in shipping. After 6 business days the remaining amount will be processed. All international order will communicate via email unless the customer calls our call center. The reason for this is our call center can not make out going international calls. All international shipping is based on a flat fee.
    As you will have a complete reliability of any address provided, please carefully review to ensure the accuracy of all addresses associated with your order. We will not be held responsible for any delivery issue or delay caused by an incorrect or incomplete address.
    Any address change or correction requested after the order goes into the production might not be guaranteed. A written record would be provided in an email or a support ticket even if the address change or correction has been requested verbally over the phone; your review and confirmation are strongly recommended. An additional fee of $35 will be automatically charged to the original payment form if the shipping carriers such as, FedEx, UPS, DHL, USPS, etc., identify the incomplete or incorrect address and successfully make the correction for the shipment delivery. Therefore, upon receiving the order confirmation, please review all information carefully and contact us immediately if any corrections are to be made.


    Shipping/Handling option is only to cover the reimbursement or remake due to the damages on the products occurring during transit and upon delivery. Claims regarding other issues not related to damages due to packaging and handling are not covered under this insurance option.


    If we fail to meet a promised delivery date on a rush production order with expedited shipping, but you will still accept the order, then credit will be promptly issued for the difference between the rush production or rush shipping option that was not met.
    Please note that once you submit your order, any changes, delayed artwork submissions, or delayed proof approvals will void our guarantee policy.


    Please note that the products we carry are intended purely as promotional items. Products that have minor imperfections visually or in size are not considered defective or flawed.
    Due to the nature of the product materials and ingredients, each product type may have their own typical smells. This is totally normal and common within the industry, so the products will not be considered as defective. Most of the time, the smells will not be noticeable or should be concerned by any mean. However, some consumers who are especially sensitive to some certain distinctive smells might find them as unpleasant. For example, silicone smell coming from the silicone wristbands is an unavoidable factor as silicone is the major required component to make the silicone wristbands.


    All website images are animated and made to resemble the product. Variations between image and product will happen. Exact match of website images and product is not guaranteed.


    Please check your order immediately upon receipt. All claims must be reported within 7 calendar days upon receipt of goods.
    If misspelling is the issue we will first examine the order.
    If the message / artwork matches the order we will not redo the order.
    If the message / artwork does not match the order we will request a picture to verify the mistake or to send us a sample by mail.
    For color issues we will require a sample to be mailed to us.
    Upon receipt of the "visual", we promptly remedy the situation and redo the affected portion of the order if mandated.
    If the quantity to be replaced is LESS than 10% of the entire order, we reserve the right to process a credit for that amount rather than redoing that portion.
    Redo order will ship ground unless expedite shipping request at an additional charge.
    Redo orders given because of shipments being lost in shipping by FedEx, UPS, DHL or USPS will be done after confirmation of the order being lost. The order will be redone in the same manner the order was originally placed.
    All orders of any size fall under our over/under policy. The policy is: No redo or remake will be given for missing or defective products if the amount in question is less than 10% of the order.
    Resolutions will be sent via ticket portals. You will have 10 business days to get back to us with confirmation. If we do not hear from you within this period, your claim will become invalid.


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