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    If you receive merchandise that you believe is defective or of unacceptable print quality, you can use our online ticketing system to send us at least three pictures or more of the product within 7 days of delivery. Please provide pictures from different angles for a clear verification. We will have a Claims Representative to review the issue and, upon verification of the mistake, we will remake the product for you. Standard Production and Standard Shipping are only estimated schedules and are not guaranteed to meet deadlines. Any requests for a remake or refund past 7 days after delivery will be denied.
    We cannot restock customized products. We therefore only provide refunds for custom products if a Claims Representative determines that we make a mistake on the order that cannot be remedied by the remake. If we do not determine that we are at fault and still decide to grant a courtesy refund on a discretionary basis, it will only be a refund of the shipping cost at most. This also applies to discretionary cancellations granted after an order is already in production. If a cancellation is requested after an order is already in production, we may grant a courtesy refund of the shipping cost. You will not receive the product, but since the order has been already in production and in the process of being customized, we may only refund the cost of shipping.
    Blank products can be returned to us with a 25% restocking fee and shipped at your own cost.
    Any order with used or distributed products is not refundable and not part of the money back guarantee.
    Please note that no credit card or check refund will be available for transactions that are more than 90 days old. Only store credit can be offered at that point. Each check refund will incur a $10 processing fee, which will be deducted from the qualified refund amount.
    If your order is being returned due to any reason, the package(s) will be kept in the facility for 20 days & will then be recycled or donated. Any reshipping request when the order is still in facility will require a reshipping fee. Any reshipping request after the order has been recycled or donated will require a new order to be placed and paid for.


    When an error has been confirmed, (upon following instructions under "claims") we will make every attempt to promptly redo the order. We will process the redo order exactly as you had originally requested minus any errors that we made. We will not change the product, the logo or artwork or the imprint color when processing the redo.


    When a redo is no longer practical or even feasible, (either due to event date timelines, out-of-stock or quantity issues) will issue a store credit for up to the same value as the original order minus any shipping fees.
    Shipping charges will not be credited back as this charge is made on behalf of the shipping company. The store credit may be treated as cash, and may be used at any time and on any product we stock.




    Imprint colors must be carefully chosen. We recommend that you choose light color inks to be printed or injected onto dark color bands, as this provides more contrast than a dark colored imprint on a dark colored silicone rubber bracelets or a light colored imprint on a light colored bands.
    Any order that is ink injected or printed that has the same band color as the font color will be made as is. For example: Red bands with Red font color.
    Online orders that have this mistake fall on the responsibility of the person that placed the order. Online customers can contact the customer service department to make the change within 5 minutes. All changes are noted but not guaranteed.
    Phone order that are not yet approved can be corrected but phone orders that are approved can be noted but not guaranteed.
    Please Note: Printed wristbands are used best as promotional products. In time they do fade. For a longer lasting message we recommend ink injected wristbands.


    The glittering effects come from the tiny and thin glittering powder which will be coated in the last production step of the wristbands. Thus, the glittering powder can fall off easily under direct physical contact such as rubbing, which could not be avoided and cannot be considered as defective.


    Please Note: The Metallic Wristbands are in most cases used as a promotional item as they do fade. The metallic layer of the wristbands has to be coated later for the glittering or metallic effect. Since the metallic coating is just an additional layer to the wristband's base, it will eventually fade after being worn. The lasting period varies and it depends on the consumer's daily activities. Please understand this is an uncontrollable issue and thus the bands cannot be returned or remade as they are not considered to be defective.


    Color coat band has a color on the inside of the band and a second color that is printed on the outside of the band. When we mold your message onto the band the bottom color of the band shows through and displays your message more vibrantly.
    Please Note: The Color Coat wristbands are in most cases used as a promotional item as they do fade. In some cases, the bands will start to fade in less than 2 weeks and are not considered to be defective. We do recommend "Ink Injected bands" for bands being used as memorial items or needed for a long term use as they have a longer lifespan.


    All swirl type wristbands will give a random mix of colors that result from the colors that are selected. For example: Yellow and Blue swirl will have some Green mixed in the band. This effect can not be controlled and is not considered to be defective.
    Segmented bands will have two or more sections of the band in solid colors. In some cases when two colors are made together, a fade of the colors might happen resulting in a faint mix of colors. For example: Red and White segmented bands might have a hint of Pink in the location the two colors meet. This effect cannot be controlled and is not considered to be defective. The locations of the messages on the wristbands are completely random and cannot be guaranteed.
    The pattern for the colors for segmented bands will be random for any order with more than two colors. We can not promise an exact match of color sequence.
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